Just as the experts say that swimming is a great form of exercise for us humans, it can have equally as good health benefits for your canine pals. So what are you waiting for? Pack those doggy-togs and get to your closet beach!

Swimming improves your dog’s cardio-vascular health

Swimming is a fantastic form of aerobic exercise for your furry pal that boosts the cardiovascular system by circulating blood and oxygen around his body, boosting his lung capacity and burns that puppy-fat! This is especially great for the doggies who are carrying any extra kilos and who need a bit of ‘light’ exercise.

Swimming is a low impact exercise for your dog

When your pup’s body is submerged in water it becomes lighter, and works all muscles in the body. So essentially your furry friend is getting a full body workout without the stress on their ligaments like the sudden jolting or jumping to catch a ball may cause. And who doesn’t love a workout without sore muscles and sweat?!

Swimming cools dogs down

The summer heat has got to be the one thing we look forward to every year, but we couldn’t imagine being covered in fur on a 40 degree day. As great as it is (and highly recommended) to keep your pooch indoors on these sweltering days, sometimes the best way to cool them down is to take them for a swim. Just be mindful that if the sand is too hot for your feet, it’s too hot for their little paws so try getting out before or after the hottest part of the day.

It’s fun!

How much fun do you have when you’re jumping in the pool, throwing the beach ball, and splashing your friends? With the added benefit of knowing you’re burning calories and improving your health, swimming is hard to beat for the fun and health factor. Your pooch will love chasing the ball in the water, and jumping waves.

Do you have a favourite dog beach to visit? Don’t forget to take some happy snaps of your beach days and share them with us!


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