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Two of the biggest toileting challenges dogs face is finding just the right spot to go, and, having access to the right spot when needed. Some of us live in apartments with no outdoor space, sometimes our humans work long hours and most of us don’t like to go out in the cold, the dark or in the wet. And, when we’re little puppies, we have a lot of stuff to learn and toilet training can be confusing.

We’ve never really had a back yard. When we were little we lived in the inner city and now we live in a house but our yard is small and we stay inside much of the day. Our humans have tried all sorts of toilet options: commercially made toilets with synthetic grass as well as an assortment of home-made toilets with synthetic grass, sand and other inventive things. None of which were particularly liked by us.

The humans knew they needed to find a toilet solution that eliminated the stink and one that we would use. And, they have finally found it: Fresh Patch.

Fresh Patch is hydroponically grown, dirt-free grass delivered to your door on a weekly or fortnightly subscription. The humans were a little tentative in committing to an ongoing subscription, without trialling the product first – so the single delivery option is perfect for this.

The base carton of Fresh Patch is slightly waxy, so there is no permeation of waste through the box. Although, there is no liquid waste as the fresh grass absorbs all the little wee-wees. Large Fresh Patches do not come with a cardboard tray and there is the option of purchasing a tray base.

Each morning, Mum just scoops off any poop and that’s it for maintenance. There is zero odor from the Fresh Patch, which is amazing, considering all it absorbs!

Once your new Fresh Patch is delivered, just pop the lid back on and dispose of the whole carton – grass and all. Of all the doggy products the human has bought over the years, this is a stand-out favourite for economy, practicality and function.

We’ve only had one problem so far and it’s not what you will expect it to be! We loved the delivery of our first Fresh Patch so much, all we wanted to do was roll on it and not use it for toileting. The grass is so lush and thick, it was a real treat for us. But, it didn’t take us long to figure out why we had this luscious, thick grass in our laundry and toilet time is now a completely-no fuss occasion in the house.

Fresh Patch currently deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast. Orders are shipped Monday morning from Sydney so delivery day may vary, depending on where you live – but you will always receive your delivery on the same day each week. For our international furiends, you can check out the Fresh Patch USA and Canada websites for local delivery information.

Find out more about Fresh Patch by visiting their website, Facebook and Instagram pages. We think you’ll love it as much as we do!

Do you have a training problem you need solved? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Fella and Tidda- thank you for testing the Fresh Patch and sharing your analysis! We too have been through many types of indoor solutions, many of which are okay but smelly (according to our mum).

  2. Nice post, thanks so much for this sharing!

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