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Summer is one of our favourite times of year! The days are long and warm, which means extra time to enjoy outdoor activities and time together as a family.  As much as we love an epic adventure, we’ve also learned that finding just 10 minutes each day to spend together keeps us connected as a family. And, it’s those small moments we spend together every day that create our lasting memories. So here’s some of our favourite ways to create family memories.

1. Paw patrol – explore the neighbourhood, on foot

Dogs need walking for exercise and mental stimulation. Walking also provides an exciting sensory experience which helps to combat boredom. Traffic, lawn mowers and the background noise of your neighbourhood means your dog is becoming familiar with common noises and is less likely to be scared of new noises in the future.

Meeting people in the neighbourhood is great socialisation for humans and dogs alike. A walk each day helps to maintain a healthy weight, improves your mood and can add years to your life!

2. Play ball!

Playing fetch enables your dog to engage in a high-energy activity and to chase stuff. We might not be especially good at the actual ‘fetch’ bit of fetch but that doesn’t mean we’re not having fun!

We’re also helping the humans develop their hand/ eye co-ordination, burn calories and improve their stamina. Being part of a family means being part of a team, and a good game of fetch is pawfect for teams of all sizes and abilities.

3. Hang out

What dog doesn’t like to snuggle down with their humans? Dogs are bonded with their family team, and any opportunity to spend time together is essential to our health and wellbeing. We’re especially lucky as our grandparents are visiting at the moment, which means extra cuddles and snuggles!

Life is busy and with today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it’s important to take time advantage of those small moments together. Power down the phones, find a good tv show that allows interactive viewing –  one that provides a chance to make conversation, share opinions and cuddle us at the same time.

4. Play!

Let your imagination run wild, play time is fun time! Indoor or outdoor, play time develops your imagination, your dexterity and your physical and emotional strength. Be spontaneous – 10 minutes of play time is all you need to reconnect with your team.

Finding just 10 minutes a day can help your team family become stronger, healthier and happier. For more tips on how to Take 10 with your family, visit Bupa’s Team Family Initiative.



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