Welcome, Spring! It’s time to shake off the winter coats and cold, frosty mornings and celebrate all that is Spring. What’s in store for this month? September celebrates Father’s Day, Hug Your Hound Day, Ice Cream Cone Day, First Love Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day and the day of all days on the Australian sporting calendar – the AFL Grand Final (think Super Bowl, Aussie style).

Let’s play…

September 2017 #DDUpawtographaday

Daily Themes and Creativity Prompts

01 ::  SPRING!  It’s the first day of Spring! How will you enjoy the change of season? ?

02 :: ON THE GROUND it’s the weekend, it’s Spring and you should be outside. What do you see on the ground?

03 :: FATHER’S DAY some families have one dad, some have two dads, some don’t have a dad. Whatever your family looks like, it’s YOUR family. Celebrate Father’s Day in the way that’s just right for you.

04:: WILDLIFE DAY Today we remember our Aussie icon and Wildlife Warrior, Steve Irwin. We also pause to think about taking care of our wildlife because once it’s gone, it’s gone. Be kind to the animals today. Make a difference. Perhaps wear a bit of khaki, Wildlife Warrior style. ?

05 :: CHARITY  today is International Day of Charity. There’s always a worthy charity in your community that could do with a helping hand. Volunteer, make a donation, raise awareness, say thank you to a charity in the community making a difference.

06 :: COZY where are you going to curl up and make yourself cozy today?

07 ::  BUY A BOOK DAY oh yay! We know just the book for you! A book of dog-shaped happiness. Pick yourself up a copy of the Happiness is Dog Shaped book with a 20% discount with the coupon code DDU. Offer expires 10 September, 2017.

08 ::  STAR TREK DAY Space: the final frontier. Enjoy your day, Trekkies.

09 :: TEDDY BEAR DAY today is about lots of snuggly, cuddly, teddy bear kisses.

10 :: HUG A HOUND DAY  much hugging. We couldn’t think of a nicer day to follow Teddy Bear Day than Hug a Hound Day.

11 :: MAKE YOUR BED DAY what’s the point if you’re not getting out of it for the day? Anyway, show us your bed. Do you share with your human or do you have a bed of your own?

12 :: LIPTEMBER kiss away the blues and support women’s mental health. Show us your kissy kissy face.

13 :: QUIET DAY we’re meant to be quiet today. We’re good with that, we’ll work on our snoozing technique. What will you do?

14 ::  LOUD it only seems right to balance out Quiet Day with being loud. Bark. Then bark some more.

15 ::  MAKE A HAT DAY a most random of random day to celebrate. Luckily we have a DIY to make a party hat, so you’ll be prepared.

16:: WORKING PARENTS DAY does your human go to work? Do you enjoy the quiet time? What do you do while they are away and how do you celebrate them coming home from work?

17 :: OLD FRIEND today is Locate an Old Friend Day. What a lovely day. Go forth, find and reconnect with an old furiend. ?

18 :: FIRST LOVE DAY oooooh. Who or what was your First Love? Food, your human, a teddy bear, a blanket? Tell us about your first love.

19 :: TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY aRRGGGGGH. That’s all we’ve got. Can you talk like a pirate? ?‍☠️

20 :: PEPPERONI PIZZA DAY you think we’re making these up, right? Nope. It’s truly Pepperoni Pizza Day.

21 ::  INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE with so much chaos in the world right now, we like the idea of a little more peace in our day. ?️

22 ::  ICE CREAM CONE DAY nope, still not making this stuff up. Today is the day the ice-cream cone was invented. BEST. DAY. EVER.

23 :: INTERNATIONAL RABBIT DAY today is not just about the furry, floppy eared bunnies kept as companions – it’s about stopping to think about the various ways rabbits are harmed by cosmetic testing, hunting and the fur trade. Today is a pawsome day to make an ethical choice for the ongoing welfare of rabbits. ?

24 :: CLOSE UP closer – no, closer. That’s it! Get up nice and close for your photo today.

25 :: FAMILY DAY some families are big, some families are small. It doesn’t matter what your family looks like, today is the day to celebrate the love for your family.

26 :: LOVE NOTE DAY write a message of love and leave it for someone you love ?

27 :: TOURISM DAY be a tourist in your home town and show us where you live. Or, share a favourite holiday photo. ?

28 ::  GOOD NEIGHBOUR DAY do something nice for your neighbour today. ?

29 ::  WORLD HEART DAY do something to make your heart strong today – improve your diet, start regular exercise, give someone a big kiss (that will make your heart happy). <3

30 :: FOOTY FEVER Go, YOUR TEAM! Enjoy the AFL Grand Final.

How to play #DDUpawtographaday

Simply follow the daily prompt to inspire your pawtograph of the day. Snap a pawtograph of your dog with the daily theme and share your photo with the community on:


  • Upload the pawtograph to Instragram and create a caption for your pawtograph. You might like to include the day and the theme in your caption {for example 21 | Favourite Toy}, or not – it’s entirely up to you!
  • post your photo using #DDUpawtographaday – if you don’t use the hashtag we won’t see your pawtograph
  • Publish your pawtograph

Once you’ve published your pawtograph, be sure to like and comment on other pawtographs from the community. You may even find some new favourite accounts to follow.


Exactly as you would for Instagram (above) with the bonus of being able to post to our Facebook Group!

Request to join the Group here. We’ll make sure you’re added to the community super-quick so you can start sharing your pawtographs with us.

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