How much do we love October? Sure, Howl-o-ween is just one day but that doesn’t stop us celebrating it for the whole month, right? ? If Howloween is not your thing, there’s plenty of other themes to have fun with this month.

Let’s play…

October 2017 #DDUpawtographaday

Daily Themes and Creativity Prompts

01 ::  VEGGIES  today is World Vegetarian Day. Today is the day you can make a difference to a healthier and more responsible way of eating. Any meat-free meal you have makes a big impact. Go Vegetarian for the day, the week or the month and share a photo of your veg!  ?

02 :: FARM following from World Vegetarian Day, today is World Farm Animals Day? We know it can be a little sad to think about large-scale farming, so perhaps instead you can share a photo to create awareness for the need to treat all animals with respect. ?

03 :: BOYFRIEND do you have a BF stealing your kisses? Maybe there is a boy you’ve been too shy to say hello to? Well, today is the day to celebrate the boys – it’s Boyfriend Day ?

04:: ANIMAL it’s World Animal Day! Share a photo of you and your favourite animal. ?

05 :: BALLOON  oh, this is fun – it’s Balloons Around the World Day. What colour balloon will you choose? ?

06 :: SMILE time to show off your pearly whites on World Smile Day.

07 ::  WALK all of this week is Walk Your Dog Week. Where will your walk take you today?

08 ::  BRUNCH Sundays are meant to be lazy. Combine your breakfast and lunch and share a pic of your brunch.

09 :: FIRE today is a serious one, it’s Fire Prevention Day. Whether you live in a city, in a rural or remote area, the risk of fire can be real. Read up on how to put together a safety kit for your doggo and share a photo to help share the important message of being prepared.

10 :: KINDNESS today is World Homeless Day. Did you know many people are homeless as they refuse to be separated from their pets? If you seen a homeless person today, try to show some extra kindness and we’d love to see you kindness message in your photo today too!

11 :: PARTY you’ve been kind to animals and those less fortunate to you this month. Today is time to celebrate with “It’s my party day”. Go for it!

12 :: SIGHT blink, blink. Take a peek at your dog’s eyes. Do they look ok? If you notice any changes in them, pop on over to your vet for a checkup on World Sight Day. Then, share of photo of your lovely eyes ?

13 :: VET NURSE it’s Vet Nurse Day. Oh, we love the cuddles we get from our local vet nurse. Send them a message of thanks in your post today.

14 ::  WEEKEND hello, old friend. It seems like forever since we’ve seen you…

15 ::  OUT AND ABOUT oh, you know. Just hanging with the human on the weekend.

16:: FOOD World Food Day. Enough said.

17 :: GAUDY embrace your inner extrovert on Wear Something Gaudy Day!


19 :: SIBLINGS (DIWALI) today is Diwali and we celebrate the bond we have with our siblings.

20 :: SLOW there’s no other way to take it on International Sloth Day.

21 ::  PINK RIBBON DAY represent. Share your support for women fighting cancer.

22 ::  SMART is Cool Day. We like where this is going…

23 :: UP EARLY Monday, do your thing.

24 :: BLUE on United Nations Day, share your message of unity with the official colour of the United Nations.

25 :: NIGHT TIME start building up courage for Howloween next week. Venture outside at night. What do you see?


27 :: NATIONAL BANDANNA DAY time to #bandtogether to help young people living with cancer. Find out more and order your bandanna at the official site here.

28 ::  PLUSH TOY DAY do you have a favourite plush toy? Pop it in a photo and share it with us today.

29 ::  COSTUME we know you definitely have more than one costume for Howloween. So, let’s have a peek at one today.

30 :: ORANGE we’re milking Howloween for all it’s worth.

31 :: HOWLOWEEN finally! Enjoy ?

How to play #DDUpawtographaday

Simply follow the daily prompt to inspire your pawtograph of the day. Snap a pawtograph of your dog with the daily theme and share your photo with the community on:


  • Upload the pawtograph to Instragram and create a caption for your pawtograph. You might like to include the day and the theme in your caption {for example 21 | Favourite Toy}, or not – it’s entirely up to you!
  • post your photo using #DDUpawtographaday – if you don’t use the hashtag we won’t see your pawtograph
  • Publish your pawtograph

Once you’ve published your pawtograph, be sure to like and comment on other pawtographs from the community. You may even find some new favourite accounts to follow.


Exactly as you would for Instagram (above) with the bonus of being able to post to our Facebook Group!

Request to join the Group here. We’ll make sure you’re added to the community super-quick so you can start sharing your pawtographs with us.

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