Doxies Down Under - Profile photo, Fella (dachshund, dog, puppy) (1)

Fella –Senior Partnerships Ambassador and Community Engagement

Fella is a quiet and gentle soul who, loves people and puppers equally. She has undertaken post-graduate obedience training and applies a disciplined, yet warm approach to all aspects of her role. Fella will sit in front of the camera for as long as you are holding a treat in your hand. Literally. She loves making sure that the perfect photo will be captured (which isn’t always easy when the Junior Partnership Ambassador is involved), enjoys all aspects of working with props and modelling the latest fashion.

When she’s not working with our Partners, you’ll find her chatting to our 160,000-strong community. Find out more about Fella here or email her at

Doxies Down Under - Profile photo, Tidda (dachshund, dog, puppy)

Tidda –Junior Partnerships Ambassador

Tidda (aka Tids) is the young gun of Doxies Down Under. She has recently completed post-graduate obedience training and is enjoying developing these skills further. When she’s not sleeping, chewing sticks r chasing butterflies, Tidda loves to work in the studio on photo sessions (mostly because it involves lots of play and yummy treats). Find out more about Tidda here or email her at

Dr Felicia Tam – Technical Services Veterinarian, PAW by Blackmores

After dreaming of being a vet for her entire childhood, Dr. Felicia Tam graduated from Sydney University Veterinary School in 2012. Now she loves being a part of the PAW team, developing new natural pet health products, giving advice to pet owners and educating the public on natural pet health care. She has a very sweet 5-year old ex-racing greyhound ‘Nala’ and a very naughty 6-year old rescue cat ‘Cooper’ at home.

Doxies Down Under - Profile photo, Karan (1)

Karan – Pack Leader

Karan is the Doxies Down Under human connection. There’s (almost) nothing Karan loves more than dogs and making dog life pawsome! That means staying up to date on the latest in dog culture and couture, play time, health and nutrition. And, sourcing the best products, services and special offers for the community to make health and play time the very best for puppers and their humans.

When not working with the Doxies, Karan is Business Director and Owner of an award winning law firm, specialising in intellectual property and the law as it applies to social media, technology and the online environment generally.