May. Say what?! We’ve barely eaten our Easter chocolate (who are we kidding, we ate it before Easter…) and it’s May already. In Australia, that means the warm, sunny days are all but gone and we’re huddled around the fire watching our furiends in the Northern Hemisphere frolic on the beach.

What does May have in store for us? No Diet Day for starters. How good is that? Oh wait, did we mention Pizza Party Day and No Pants Day?

There’s also some fun, weird and wacky days to celebrate too! Let’s play…

May 2017 #DDUpawtographaday

Daily Themes and Creativity Prompts

01 ::  BATMAN na na na na na na naaaaa it’s Batman Day!

02 :: ORGANIC we love any opportunity to be kind to the Earth. This week is Organic Composting Awareness Week. Almost six months ago we installed a dog poop composter, we love this addition to our garden and the way we’re doing out little bit with ♻️ ?

03 :: GHOST ? be cute or scary on Paranormal Day.

04:: STAR WARS May the Fourth and all that stuff.

05 :: PANTS or more specifically no pants on No Pants Day. Seriously, how good is that?!

06 :: PIGGY look, we think someone has got all the important days out of order. Personally, we think No Diet Day should fall before No Pants Day on the calendar. But, we’re not going to complain. Eat. Eat all you can. Today you can be a little piggy and eat as much as you like.

07 ::  SODA we’re conjuring up images of checker cloth and lemonade stalls on Lemonade Day. Refreshing!

08 ::  DO SOMETHING It’s National Volunteer Week. Do something in your community to make a difference.

09 :: SOCK today we pay tribute to all the socks who have been lost in laundry battle on Lost Sock Memorial Day.

10 :: WHATEVS it’s Wednesday. Just go with whatevs today.

11 :: EAT we really do feel a theme coming through this month. Today is Eat What You Want Day. We’re lovin’ May!

12 :: WHITE it’s a bit of a throwback to the old school nurses in their white uniforms. We know nurses are totally hipster now (like, checkout these ween threads) but pop on a bit of white to show your support for International Nurses Day.

13 :: SUPERSTAR have you got what it takes to be our book Cover Dog? Share your BEST SUPERSTAR photo using #happinessisdogshaped If you’re bringing the goods, you might also like to officially enter your Cover Dog photo.

14 ::  MUM there is to be no pooping inside today. No chewing on Mum’s delicates or wafting a little stinky blert her way. It’s Mother’s Day. Give your Mum some proper love.

15 ::  FAMILY continue that family loving today and shout out to your family on International Day of Families.

16:: WARM c’mon, Winter is all but here :(. Share a little sunshine or maybe your new winter-coat style and warm us up.

17 :: BAKE oh, hello. We’re back on the food theme with World Baking Day. Heads up, there’s still more food to come this month. ?

18 :: STORY share a crazy tale about your pupper. You know, one of those ones you tell your friends, co-workers and anyone that’ll listen about your pooch. Think you have the best story to tell? It might be just get you a feature in our new book.

19 :: PIZZA back to this month’s theme: food. It’s time to get it ON with Pizza Party Day. Hello happiness!

20 :: SWIM many Aussies grow up learning to swim. But we all have to start somewhere. Share a photo of your favourite swim spot on Learn to Swim Day. Not convinced? These four reasons why swimming is good for your dog might be just the motivation you need.

21 ::  SELFIE be shameless and give us your best selfie!

22 ::  MOTIVATION we all need a little bit extra of this on a Monday. What are your tips for Motivation Monday?

23 :: TODAY I’M … whatcha doin’ today?

24 :: SCAVENGER ooooh, it’s Scavenger Hunt Day. We’re heading right off to the kitty litter tray…

25 :: TOWEL DAY Don’t PANIC! Because a towel, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have. Surely you have a towel? Today, carry your towel and pay tribute to Douglas Adams, in true  Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy style.

26 :: SORRY today we come together and share the steps towards healing for the Stolen Generations, their families and communities. We pledge our support and commitment towards reconciliation with Indigenous Australians on National Sorry Day.

27 :: BLACK DOG when the black dog starts barking, we need to support those who need it. Today on Black Dog Day we strive to help others battling mental illness, the bark of the black dog.

28 ::  KNOCK KNOCK  who’s there? The Salvation Army – it’s the Red Shield Appeal Door Knock Day.

29 ::  $30 will buy a little slice of dog shaped happiness. Pre-sales of our Happiness is Dog Shaped book close today. Please pledge your support to help us assist Pets of the Homeless and Dachshund IVDD Support Australia.

30 :: HUMP DAY it’s the last day of Autumn. Tomorrow, the long, cold Winter begins. We’re feeling hump day hard.

How to play #DDUpawtographaday

Simply follow the daily prompt to inspire your pawtograph of the day. Snap a pawtograph of your dog with the daily theme and share your photo with the community on:


  • Upload the pawtograph to Instragram and create a caption for your pawtograph. You might like to include the day and the theme in your caption {for example 21 | Favourite Toy}, or not – it’s entirely up to you!
  • post your photo using #DDUpawtographaday – if you don’t use the hashtag we won’t see your pawtograph
  • Publish your pawtograph

Once you’ve published your pawtograph, be sure to like and comment on other pawtographs from the community. You may even find some new favourite accounts to follow.


Exactly as you would for Instagram (above) with the bonus of being able to post to our Facebook Group!

Request to join the Group here. We’ll make sure you’re added to the community super-quick so you can start sharing your pawtographs with us.

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