A little while ago we discovered little wuppy. What first caught our attention was a ween in toy form. We loved the simple colours and artistic style of little wuppy and couldn’t wait to buy some for special friends.

When we ordered our little wuppys we learnt a whole lot more about this product. Sure the little wuppy is undeniably cute. Super cute. Oh gosh, did we mention the cuteness?

Linda, the designer behind little wuppy, is a former teacher and artist based in Melbourne, Australia. As a result of her professional and personal experience, Linda wanted to create an aid to help ease children’s worries. So began little wuppy,  a sausage dog worry puppy designed as an aid to help a child suffering from anxiety.

When a child places the heart of the little wuppy against their own, they can send their worries to the little wuppy so they don’t need to worry anymore!

The little wuppy was created by combining Linda’s love of design, her obsession with sausage dogs and her personal experience with anxiety.

Thanks to Linda, Doxies Down Under have one chevron design little wuppy to give away.

Tell us in the comments below how a little wuppy might make a difference to the life of someone important to you. We will select one winner on 28 August, 2016 to receive this beautiful gift. Please also take a moment to visit our prize sponsor little wuppy on Instagram and Facebook.

**Congratulations to Tracy who has won a little wuppy for her daughter. And, thank you to all that visited and took the time to share your stories, each one touched our hearts.

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  1. so would love this amazing giveaway liked facebook and instagram

  2. My little sister who has recently started high school has been very stressed about all her homework and assignment and I think this little REALLY CUTE dachshund toy will help her relax.

  3. Michelle Hertel / August 22, 2016 at 12:01 am /Reply

    My husband travels for his job and can be gone up to three months at a time. It can be so hard sometimes to be apart for that long and worry about how each other is doing. I know that it’s really hard for him to be so far away and be worried about things at home and not be able to be here to help with things and it’s so hard to be at home and be worried about him traveling and the difficulties he can face out there. I think this little wuppy could be a symbol to both of us that we are strong and even though we are apart we are together at heart.

    • Doxies Down Under

      Michelle, this is beautiful and sad at the same time. We can only imagine how difficult it is during those times apart yet it is beautiful that you both love each other so much. We know your family had had it’s fair share of challenges this year and think you are very strong. Thank you for sharing your story and good luck.x

    • Aww, Michelle, it must be such trying times for you. Your sentiment is beautiful. The heart is a special feature, in the little wuppy® and in humans x

  4. Sarah Armstrong / August 23, 2016 at 4:53 am /Reply

    My 3 year old Son is suffering seperation anxiety at the moment, as I leave for work early in the morning and he isn’t always awake to see me leave. Little Wuppy would give him something to “look after” in the mornings.

    • Doxies Down Under

      Being a working Mum is incredibly challenging – for so many different reasons. Many of us suffer from the challenge presented when we have to leave our little ones to go to work. Thank you for sharing your story, Sarah. We wish you good luck with your entry and would also like to say, be strong – parenting is the most difficult but also the most rewarding of any of life’s challenges.

    • That’s beautiful, Sarah. Having ownership of something gives purpose and responsibility. I’m so sorry morning can be tough with your little one. Anxiety sucks! x

  5. Belinda Meginley / August 24, 2016 at 1:23 am /Reply

    My daughter is 3 and we’re trying to curb her thumb-sucking. She does it for comfort, so to substitute her thumb for a wuppy would be perfect ☺️

    We have 2 dachshunds so it’d be a nice reference for her too.

  6. My 16 year old sister has been dealing with a lot of bullying over the last couple years of high school. We didn’t always get along so well either, but with getting my first dachshund Franklin, things sure changed between the two of us. She adores him and he adores her and suddenly it seemed we got along so well. We hired her this summer to ride her bicycle to our house 3 times a week to let our two dachshunds out and hang out with them for a few hours a day. Not only does it help us, but she feels important and needed.. I can tell having the responsibility of tending to our dogs this summer has given her confidence and insight, both of which are useful in today’s world of cruel bullying. With school approaching and the days of her helping us dwindling before school starts, I’d really love a Wuppy to gift to her for not only a token of our thanks, but to represent that there are things that can make you smile in a world that seemingly is so dark and ugly sometimes.

    • Doxies Down Under

      Chelsea, we are so sorry to hear that your sister has had a difficult time at school. Growing up isn’t always easy and often we don’t realise how difficult it is for some. To hear you share the story of how Franklin has bought you closer to your sister, as well as provided her with the opportunity to have a positive focus is absolutely heartwarming. Kudos to you for being there for your sister during a time of great need, in this complex and challenging world. We applaud you.

    • Bullying is horrible, Chelsea, but it’s so lovely to hear you’ve bonded more with your sister by spending time with your sausage dog together. Here’s to a bright future filled with positivity x

  7. I would love a little wuppy as I am expecting my first child, a boy, any day now!! I know there will be PLENTY of opportunities to use the little wuppy for my baby boy for a long time to come (possibly even for myself too, lol). These designs are too precious!! Thanks for doing this give away!! We love u doxiesdownunder! xoxoxox <3

    • Doxies Down Under

      Congratulations, Megan! There is no feeling quite like the one of expecting your first child! We hope that your little boy arrives with big smiles on his face and that you’re ready for all the adventures of parenthood. little wuppy is a fab little companion for any child – or the inner child in us all. Good luck, Megan and we hope you welcome your little boy soon! (We love you right back.xx.)

    • Linda Privitelli / August 25, 2016 at 2:00 am /Reply

      Congratulations Megan! Hope you’ve been feeling well. And thank you for your kind words x

  8. There are so many beautiful people here whose worries would be a little less pressurised with a Wuppy! All so deserving for so many different reasons. Mine would be for my beautiful soft hearted 8yo boy, who is constantly afraid something will happen to Mummy after tragically losing his uncle in a drowning incident almost 2 years ago. My heart breaks for so many reasons. My darling sister and her baby boys losing their amazing Dad, our extended family who have lost sunshine, and my oldest child – who has learned in the hardest of ways, that life is fragile, accidents happen to good people and parents are not invincible…

    • Doxies Down Under

      Felicity, thank you for not only sharing your own story but acknowledging the stories of others. So many face a struggle that is not visible, which makes it incredibly hard for others to understand the lens through which the world is viewed. Your story is just heartbreaking. While we are still breathing there is hope for a good day. The loss of a loved one is a entirely different set of heartbreak. We hope that in time the grief is manageable and that the memories of happy times live on strongly in your hearts. Good luck, Felicity.

    • Linda Privitelli / August 25, 2016 at 2:01 am /Reply

      Oh, Felicity, how tragic 🙁 Sorry to hear for your loss. I can only imagine how overwhelming such thoughts and emotions can be for your little boy (and for you all). Sending love and strength x

  9. My son Jude would love that little fellow, we has been bullied at school mainly regarding his epi pen meds he has to have close by at all times and he often misses out on things due to allergens (think classmates bday cake etc, dairy egg nut allergy) but he is such a trooper that we always make up for the miss outs with our own special something later on. Doesn’t mean it’s not hard and it is starting to want to make independent choices regarding food but hold anxiety that food may harm him. He has struggled with his anxiety that he still day wets. This little guy could fit perfectly in his Mindcraft backpack next to his Epi pen pouch and spare shorts. Congrats to Linda on such a wonderful creation!

    • Doxies Down Under

      Hello Kirsten. It is incredibly sad that bullying has no limits. And, thank you for taking the time to explain the impact allergens have on Jude’s day to day life, some of these had not occurred to us. It sounds as though Jude has a very understanding and compassionate Mum in you and is well-guided in dealing with this affliction. We love the idea of a little wuppy in his Minecraft backback! Good luck, Kirsten.

    • Linda Privitelli / August 25, 2016 at 2:04 am /Reply

      Thank you for your kind words, Kirsten x
      Argh, bullying and allergies, and anxiety, all suck!! I’m so sorry to hear that Jude can have tough times at school. It sounds like he’s a pretty awesome kid, and it’s wonderful to know that he has started to be independent. You must be so proud of him and his efforts x

  10. My daughter has anxiety and takes her favourite teddy to Kindergarten every day. I would love a Little Wuppy so she has another little friend she can take to school so her pink teddy can stay at home.

    • Doxies Down Under

      Hello Michelle, thank you for sharing your story. It must be difficult for both you and your daughter to work with her anxiety. We love that Linda at little wuppy has created such a simple yet meaningful toy as a tool to assist with this terrible disorder. Good luck! We hope that your little girl continues to find strategies to help her – it certainly sounds like her Mum is looking out for her.x

    • Linda Privitelli / August 25, 2016 at 2:06 am /Reply

      Aww, Michelle, that’s wonderful that your daughter is able to use her teddy as a comfort to help with her anxiety. So many little people find the transition from home to kinder/school so hard; and knowing this, I am sure it makes it extra tough for parents to drop their kids off too.
      I love that you have provided her with strategies to help comfort her in her times of anxiety x

  11. My 10 year old niece Georgia could really use a Wuppy. She suffers from APD and SPD, she worry’s too much for someone her age. She loves animals and is so much more relaxed around them.
    Sadly though her family is not in the position to get her a real dog, so I think a beautiful Wuppy would make her days and nights easier. Living overseas means I don’t get to see her as much as I like and I feel like a the wonderful concept behind a Wuppy would help her cope with her stresses much better.

    • Doxies Down Under

      Animals bring with them tremendous powers for healing, comfort, friendship – so many things. It’s no surprise that pets are ranked more highly that some human to human relationships due to the way they can make us feel. It’s sad that right now Georgia can’t have a pet of her own but she can still enjoy the companionship of any animal at a local shelter or park, you’ll always find a dog ready for a cuddle there! Fella sends lots of cuddles Georgia’s way. Also, we weren’t familiar with Georgia’s conditions, so we quickly researched them to understand her challenges. After doing so, you post was much more meaningful to us. It sounds to us like Georgia has a loving family who are helping her to make the world a little easier. Thank you for sharing your story, Amanda. We wish you luck.

    • Amanda!!! You sound like an amazing aunty. Georgia is lucky to have you. Animals are so amazing at helping with anxiety – such calming presence.
      I’m so sorry to hear Georgia suffers so much; it’s so hard to see little people carry do many worries. She’s so fortunate to have people like you supporting her x

  12. Courtney mitchell / August 25, 2016 at 10:18 am /Reply

    I’d love a little wuppy to try and help my 5year old son and his anxiety. He try’s to put on a persona that he is fine when he actually isn’t; I think this would be the perfect comfort for him where he wouldn’t need to worry about what his friends think of him with a cute little wuppy!

    • Doxies Down Under

      We love that little wuppy is an aid for children to confide their worries and transfer any anxiety. It’s hard for children to put on a persona that doesn’t fit with prescribed ‘norms’. We wish the world would embrace the uniqueness of every child (and adult, for that matter) and be a kinder, more accepting place where everyone has a chance to shine. We hope that your little guy will find a way to shine his light at all times, Courtney. Thank you for sharing your story and good luck.

    • Oh, Courtney, your little man sounds like such a trooper. It’s so important for little people to know that they can take a break from always being ‘all right’. I love that you want to help him so much. He’s very lucky to have you x

  13. Our daughter Sammi is obsessed with sausage dogs! Snitzels she calls them. Our future sausage dog will have that name. Sammi has anxiety, and is traversing kindy with great courage. Her dad is also in the navy and not due home until August next year. I would love to brighten her day with one of these. All the kids do! I’ll head over and like the Facebook page. Thanks again for the opportunity to win this, but also to show me what products are out there that are made with love.

    • Doxies Down Under

      Hello Shannon! First of all, good for you rising up to parenting while your partner is away on duty. It is tough on families who serve their country and you all make a special sort of sacrifice for the benefit of others. And, it’s pretty easy to be obsessed with sausage dogs! We love all dogs but the snags sure do have a extra-special place in our hearts. It sounds like Sammi gets her bravery from both her Mum and her Dad and we’re sure she makes you both proud. Thank you for sharing your story and good luck!

    • Oh, Courtney, your little man sounds like such a trooper. It’s so important for little people to know that they can take a break from always being ‘all right’. I love that you want to help him so much. He’s very lucky to have you x

  14. My beautiful little 5yo daughter suffers terribly with anxiety and selective mutism, and has just been diagnosed with Autism. She finds transitions (and social situations) very difficult so we have given her a soft weighted unicorn which she cuddles at school to help her calm, and I have been looking for something special to have for her ready to take to the car each day at pick up time and a Wuppy would be just perfect. Someone she can confidently share her worries with, without having to worry about getting the words right. Someone who knows her heart and lives her unconditionally. Like I do xx

    • Doxies Down Under

      Hello Tracy. We had to say we weren’t sure what selective mutism is, so we did a bit of research after reading your post. It sounds like your daughter has some complex needs and reading about her touched our hearts. Then, we read your last three sentences and our hearts just burst with love. You sound like an Mum that has stepped up to meet extraordinary challenges with compassion, determination and love. You are remarkable. Good luck, Tracy.

    • Doxies Down Under

      Congratulations, Tracy – you have won the little wuppy for your daughter. Please email us at bark@doxiesdownunder.com with your postal address so we can send out this beautiful prize to you.

      • Thankyou so much Doxies Down Under and Linda!!!! I am very excited and I know my little girl will be, as animals are her world, she just adores any animal! I will email now!

      • Thankyou so much! I’m very excited and tying to think of the best plan of how to introduce her to our special little Wuppy!!! I have emailed you last night, hopefully it came through ok. I’m struggling with Internet at the moment!!

    • Oh, Tracy, you’re amazing!!! I love how much you’re helping your little girl x

      • Linda Privitelli / August 29, 2016 at 6:45 am /Reply

        HUGE congratulations, Tracy!!!!! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the little wuppy and how it brings comfort to your little girl x

        • Thankyou 🙂
          Our mail service is painfully slow, but you will hear about it when little wuppy arrives! I can’t wait to show her 🙂

  15. Fiona McPherson / August 25, 2016 at 1:09 pm /Reply

    I bought a little Wuppy for one of my young students who went through a very emotional loss late last year and he brings his little Wuppy to school everyday and when things get a little too much for him he will give him a cuddle and he relaxes. I would love to give one to my daughter so she can always have a little friend who will help through any difficult days she may have at school and with her friends.

    • Doxies Down Under

      Fiona, what a kind and thoughtful gesture from you. To recognise the loss and grief your student was experiencing and to go the extra step to find a way to comfort him goes above and beyond what many would do. It’s lovely to hear another first hand story of how little wuppy has helped a child in need. Thank you for sharing your story and good luck, Fiona.

    • Wow, Fiona!!! Thank you so much for that awesome feedback! I love hearing about how the little wuppy is used x

  16. My 5 year old is a very anxious boy. He doesn’t like change. Next year, he starts Primary School . So it will be a challenge to transition from Kinder to School. I think a Little Wuppy would be a perfect gift to help ease his mind and provide some comfort and love.

    • Doxies Down Under

      Transition through school can be such a confronting time for any child and it certainly is more complex if the child suffers from anxiety. A little wuppy sounds like an excellent companion for your son, Rhiannon. Thank you for visiting and for your entry. Good luck!

    • Wow, Fiona!!! Thank you so much for that awesome feedback! I love hearing about how the little wuppy is used x

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