Hello June. Hello cold weather, short days, rain and wind.

Wait! June also means: Donut Day, Best Friends Day, Selfie Day, Picnic Day and wait for it… Drum roll, please ?


Oh yeah… we can see the puppucinos and naps under the desk all about to happen. #bossdog

We’re also celebrating two epic movie releases, Superman’s Birthday, Garfield the Cat Day and a few more fun and whacky days! Let’s play…

June 2017 #DDUpawtographaday


DDUpawtographaday June 2017Daily Themes and Creativity Prompts

01 ::  WW  Become your own hero and celebrate the release of Wonder Woman in cinemas today.

02 :: DONUT today could quite possibly be one of the best days of the year – Donut Day. Need we say more? ???

03 :: SEASONAL as the cold of Winter begins in Australia, we want to know what is the season like in your part of the world? ❄️ ? ☀️ ?

04:: KITTY It’s Hug Your Cat Day. Don’t have a kitty? Or don’t get along with the resident kitty? No problems, hug somepawdy else instead. ?

05 :: TGIM Mondays have such a bad rep. Today, on Thank God It’s Monday, we’re giving Monday a chance. Make today MonYAY! ?

06 :: BACK YARD is your yard big or small? Or perhaps it’s non-existent at all (oh, we went a little Dr Seuss there). It’s always so interesting to see back yards from around the world.

07 ::  RUNNING it’s Running Day. Whether you like running for fun or just prefer to run towards food, show us your running style. ?

08 ::  BFF everyone needs at least one BFF. Tag your bestie in today’s photo and tell them how much you love them. Don’t have a bestie? Tag us, we’ll be yours. <3

09 :: DUCK dress in blue and yellow, add a splash of red and you’re ready to celebrate Donald Duck Day. Quack!

10 :: DOLLY do you have a little dolly you cuddle? Perhaps one of your humans has one? It’s World Doll Day, so it’s time to take dolly off the shelf and give him or her a moment to shine.

11 :: YARN It’s Yarn Bomb Day! This takes us back to one of our early photos on Instagram. Grab some yarn and have some fun!

12 :: SUPERMAN is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a ween on Superman Day?

13 :: DAPPER feeling good after being a super hero all day yesterday? Keep the feeling going and pop on a little something something you’ll feel dapper in.

14 ::  BATH this is just not funny – it’s International Bath Day. Obvs something stupid made up by the humans. Share a bath pic or a photo of you avoiding the bath 🙂

15 ::  MINION all the inspo you need for the release of Despicable Me 3 you’ll get from Scrappy The Doxie. ?

16:: SOFTIE do you have a little soft toy you cuddle up to? Tids loves her softies and chewing their ears off. It’s a weird kind of love but it works.

17 :: VEGGIES it’s Eat Your Veggies Day. Do you have a favourite vegetable? Oh wait, we meant ? not? 😉

18 :: PICNIC grab the check blanket, the basket and a furiend. It’s International Picnic Day!

19 :: ORANGE ginger, lasagne, stripes, sleeping – all prompts to get you in the zone to celebrate Garfield the Cat Day.

20 :: PRODUCTIVITY sleeping, eating, digging, running, playing – it’s your choice how you celebrate World Productivity Day. Perhaps you’ll be super-productive and do all of these things!

21 ::  SELFIE don’t be shy – it’s Selfie Day.

22 ::  GOOD DOG dig deep. Be a good dog today.

23 :: TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY Did somebody say puppucino? We have all the tips you need to make the office pupper friendly ahead of the big day.

24 :: FAIRY pop out a little plate with cookies, a glass of milk for the fae and celebrate all that is magical on Fairy Day.

25 :: BEATLES not the little wriggly kind that you find in the garden, the ? ones. Grab a record (or Spotify) and play some old skool beats in tribute to one of the most influential bands of all time. The Beatles. NOT One Direction.

26 :: WHOOPS hey, no-one’s perfect all the time. Share a whoops moment.

27 :: SUNNIES Don’t switch the blade on the guy in shades oh no, Don’t masquerade with the guy in shades oh no ? Wait we went a bit Corey Hart, Sunglasses At Night there. Whether you don them in the day or in the night, it’s Sunglasses Day today. Be cool. ?

28 ::  FLOOFY  who’s a pretty floof? You are!

29 ::  STRIKE A POSE or perhaps you want to be behind the scenes on Camera Day?

30 :: SOCIAL today is Social Media Day. Tag one of your favourite accounts or share a link to one of your other social channels. Tweet, Pin, Post, Comment, Share, Like away. (This is the bit we remind you to check out our Happiness is Dog Shaped Instagram and Facebook pages ?).

How to play #DDUpawtographaday

Simply follow the daily prompt to inspire your pawtograph of the day. Snap a pawtograph of your dog with the daily theme and share your photo with the community on:


  • Upload the pawtograph to Instragram and create a caption for your pawtograph. You might like to include the day and the theme in your caption {for example 21 | Favourite Toy}, or not – it’s entirely up to you!
  • post your photo using #DDUpawtographaday – if you don’t use the hashtag we won’t see your pawtograph
  • Publish your pawtograph

Once you’ve published your pawtograph, be sure to like and comment on other pawtographs from the community. You may even find some new favourite accounts to follow.


Exactly as you would for Instagram (above) with the bonus of being able to post to our Facebook Group!

Request to join the Group here. We’ll make sure you’re added to the community super-quick so you can start sharing your pawtographs with us.

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