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There are not many down sides to having a dog (or two, three or more) in the house. Sweet eyes that look at you lovingly (especially when you have a plate of food nearby) the tail wags and smooches – a house becomes a home when there’s a dog. There is just that one thing dog owners don’t like to talk about – the pet hair that gets everywhere.

With two long-haired dogs in the house, not a day goes by when we don’t see dog hair tumbleweeds blowing across the freshly mopped floor. Or, a nice little tuft of hair on the couch. And, *ahem* the fur that inevitably finds itself on the bed linen, even though we know the dogs aren’t really allowed on the bed.

The daily sweep is fine for those big tumbleweed-sized bits of hair around the house but to really clean your home, something a little more powerful is called for. We’ve moved house recently and it seemed the perfect time to update our slightly tired vacuum. For us, a high quality vacuum is an important investment in our health, as well as cleanliness for the home.

The features that make an all-round awesome vacuum for our home include:

  • A BIG motor for all the suction power to remove dog hair and ugly things that live in your mattress (like dust mites);
  • Plenty of tools and attachments for all the spaces and places we need to use the vacuum (like the couch, hardwood floors, carpets, rugs and upholstery);
  • Filtration system for vacuum bags so the dust and debris remains trapped and is not recirculated in the home;
  • Light weight for easy manoeuvrability; and
  • A long power cable (who doesn’t hate getting a roll on with vacuuming only to be interrupted by running out of cable length?!).

Over the years, a few different models of vacuum have lived at the bottom of our linen closet. Some have been terrible and others not too bad. But, we think we’ve finally hit the vacuum jackpot with the Hoover Allergy Power Head Bagless Vacuum. Not only did this vacuum tick all our must haves from our list above, it boasts bonus-features like:

  • a mattress tool (to remove dust, dead skin cells and dust mites efficiently);
  • a flexible tool for hard to reach places (finally, the top of the bookcase will get a long overdue clean); and
  • the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice program says “it’s superior filtration, the Hoover Allergy is a dynamic cleaning machine” – a recommendation we’re pretty happy with!

Dog with vacuum cleaner

We’ve been using our vacuum for a few weeks now and love that it does actually remove pet hair from everywhere. The power-head works equally as well on our timber floors as it does on the carpet and lounge. Our home feels cleaner and fresher with less dust and pesky dog hair.

If you’re thinking about investing in a cleaner, healthier home and a solution to remove dog hair, the Hoover Allergy comes with our recommendation. See the full range of pet vacuums at Godfreys for a solution to suit your home and banish pet hair from almost any where.

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