The excitement of bringing a new member into the family, especially a furry one, can be an adrenalin-rush of time; choosing the most outrageous bed, buying far too many toys, and monogramming their names onto their collars – but what happens, when you’re so caught up in the hype that you get to the monogramming store only to realise you haven’t picked a name?

There’s an old saying that suggests when picking a (human) baby name you should stand at your back door and shout it three times. If you get tongue-tied, or it doesn’t sound great hearing it repeatedly, then you shouldn’t use it. But what are the ‘rules’ when it comes to choosing a name for your fur baby?

How to choose a name for your dog


Did you ever notice on The Simpsons that Santa’s Little Helper never came to the family when called? Dogs are more likely to respond to short, sharp sounds, and because of this, many dog trainers suggest choosing one or two syllable names for your new addition. Think of names like, Max, Brody, Bella etc.

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As much as we would love to think they do, dogs don’t actually ‘learn’ their name as such. Instead, they memorise their name as a command to come to their master. Which means, if you name your dog, Beau, he could easily get confused with, ‘no’.


I actually met someone once who named their dog Blade and put a spiked collar on him. He was a gorgeous, playful pooch, but when it came to calling his name at the dog park people did give weary looks. Choose a name that is suitable for being used in public without attracting unwanted attention.


Picking a longer name, such as Maxwell, and shortening it to Max might work for your human babies, but using it on your dog will only confuse them. If you know you are going to shorten the name anyway, just use it from the start.

Still need some inspiration on choosing a name? Check out the most popular dog names of 2016 ?

How did you choose your dog’s name? Introduce us to your fur baby and their name story in the comments below.


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