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We all want to make smart decisions when choosing the best food for our furry family members. With so many options out there, it can be confusing and often, overwhelming to cut through the marketing hype and understand what you need to know – the labels.

These tricky tables are often located on the back of the packaging, and something we tend to forget about, but our friends over at Applaws pet food are trying to change that. You see, they want us, as fur parents, to know exactly what we are feeding our four-legged family members.

After all, we are what we eat and our dogs are no different. That’s why it’s important that we are nourishing our furry friends with the highest quality ingredients to ensure a healthy, happy life chasing tennis balls and running around the dog park.

Here are a few tips from Applaws on what you should look out for on your pet food label to make sure your dog is getting a healthy, natural canine diet:

  • Turn the pack over and read the ingredient label. It may sound obvious, but the picture and words on the front don’t tell the whole story.
  • Meat should be the first ingredient listed – it means it is the main component of the food.
  • Look for a specifically named meat (e.g. chicken, lamb or beef) and avoid vaguely labelled ingredients such as “meat”, “meat meal” or a “lucky dip”
  • Avoid animal derivatives and by-products completely
  • Look for a short list of ingredients – as a general rule this helps to avoid pet food with cheap fillers, colours, sugars and additives disguised as meat.

Good-Well-Happy: feeding your best friend better

Applaws pet food knows that dogs are carnivores and therefore it is crucial to their health that they have a high meat diet, so Applaws ensure to fill their pet food with natural, quality ingredients and contain up to 75% real meat – and only the finest cuts.

And you know the best part? They only use an ingredient in the range if it actually offers a real health benefit to your pet – no nasty fillers or additives here!

Even the Australian pet food review website,, lists Applaws as one of the ‘Best Dry Dog Food’ and ‘Best Dry Grain Free Dog Food’ saying, “It’s leaps and bounds better than most other foods you’ll find in the supermarkets, and in the pet stores too. Highly recommended.”

Applaws are changing the way we feed our dogs, empowering us to understand what goes into our dog’s food, bringing back the natural simplicity of real, quality ingredients without the nasties to help our dog’s live healthier, happier lives – and lick their bowls clean while doing it!

Fella and Tidda give Applaws the big paws up!

Good-Well-Happy: feeding your best friend better

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