We’re excited this week to be launching a DOGlite Giveaway. We’ve been a huge fan of DOGlite for a long time, waaaaay before they were awarded Best New Pet Product by the Pet Industry Association.

There’s a few reasons why we love wearing DOGlite – we feel much safer walking at night, knowing cars and pedestrians can see our bright lights; we always attract a lot of attention when our LED lights are on (great conversation starters) and our humans say the dual handle control in the leads make controlled walking much easier. With Christmas just around the corner, we also love the festive feel of our DOGlite gear!

This is DOGlite…

DOGlite collars, leads and harnesses have two settings – ON and SLOW FLASH mode, batteries last between 40 – 80 hours (around 6 – 12 months) and are replaceable, they are water resistant (splash proof) and have up to 140kg pulling capacity – so they’re suitable for the big dogs as well as little ones.

DOGlite’s point of difference is evident in the workmanship of their products. We’ve dragged ourselves through all sorts of urban and offtrack adventures wearing DOGlite and it’s surprised us with its durability. So, you don’t have to worry about handling DOGlite like a strand of Christmas tree lights.

Thanks to DOGlite, we have three collar and leash packs to light up your walks every day and every night (1 x Orange Sunset, 1 x Pink Sky, 1 x Red Nite – all ween size ‘XS’).

Tell us in the comments how your pupper lights up your life for your chance to win one of three DOGlite collar and leash packs. CONGRATULATIONS Maureen and Cooper, Tanya and Ludwig and Sarah McCoy – you have each won a DOGlite prize pack. Please email bark@doxiesdownunder.com with your postal address.

We will select three winners on Sunday 9th October to each win a prize pack. Winners will have until 15 October 2016 to claim their prize, or it will be forfeited. No product substitutes available.

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  1. My puppy- ”mini ‘ lights up our whole family’s life! She is the sweetest most affectionate puppy ever. She is always so excited & happy to see us and brings us together in love & laughter! She’s also such a loyal companion always by my side any time of day!
    We all love her so much!!!

  2. Cooper is our little ray of sunshine,
    He brightens the our day more than a glass of wine.
    He’s cheeky, funny and loveable too,
    My we are so lucky to have someone like you! ❤️

  3. I love how my mastiff Brutus’ face flights up and tail starts wagging when he sees me leave the building I work in. It washes away the stress of my working day and makes me so happy knowing my boys waiting, ready for kisses.

    • Doxies Down Under

      Just last night our humans were saying how happy our wagging tails make them feel. Mum was away for a night and coming home to our thumping, wagging tails just made all the tiredness slip away. A smiling pupper and a wagging tail is some of the best remedy for any tough day. Thanks for sharing your story about Brutus, Sarah. Good luck ?

  4. Our 2 mini doxies light up our lives in a way I didn’t think was possible. The love I have them and the unconditional love returned is more than I could ever imagine. My life wouldn’t be the same without them

  5. Miss Rosie lights up my day with her silly antics and never fails to bring a smile to my face. She’s my copilot on road trips, my best buddy and confidant on long walks, my sous chef and taste tester in the kitchen, and she’s always up for snuggling and watching a movie. I’m so thankful to have her in my life!

  6. Oh, how our Gypsy Soul lights up our world! She never fails to greet us with her whole body wagging, tongue ready to dole out those sweet doxie kisses! She wakes up ready to stretch and cuddle up next to us but the moment she knows we are ready to be up, the little goof produces a toy with a playful gleam in her eye. She is a constant source of warmth and light for us. She makes us laugh everyday! We love our little ray of sunshine <3

  7. My Ludwig definitely lights up my life. He is sunshine! He’s such a happy pup, always giving lots of kisses. Which I can never get enough of. He loves every person, child and dog he meets, no one is a stranger to him. He’s always excited for a new adventure and can’t get enough time outside. Because of him my life has changed for the better and a smile is always on my face.

  8. Mojo, my doxie, lights up the whole house! He loves to snuggle and his sweet (and sometimes goofy) personality brightens up even the darkest day. I’ve been pretty stressed lately and he knows it. So, he has been snuggling up to me more than usual and his presence makes me feel just a little more relaxed. I don’t know what I would do without him. My entire family just loves him to pieces!

  9. Our little Dixie lights up our life every time we come home and he is so excited to see us. He spins in circles, runs back and forth and it’s like we were never going to come home. Such a cutie!

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