February – the month for love; lovers of football, denim and pets. We’re going to get fit with a bit of doga, celebrate Elmo’s birthday and wear teal. We’ll show off our manners, enjoy biscuits and be kind. Most of all, we will have fun!

Let’s play…

February 2017 #DDUpawtographaday

#DDUpawtographaday February 2017

Daily Themes and Creativity Prompts

WED 01 :: SOMETHING SPECIAL it’s always nice to treat yourself. Something special might be a walk along the beach, snuggle time with the family, a little food treat. Start the month on a positive note with something special for yourself.

THU 02:: BOOMERANG what would you do if you were stuck in one place and every day was exactly the same? You guessed it, it’s Groundhog Day! Share a video using Boomerang for Groundhog Day today.

FRI 03 :: ELMO It’s hard not to love that little, scraggy bundle of orange fur. Say happy birthday Elmo by paying homage to orange, Sesame Street or the great muppet himself.

SAT 04 :: FACEBOOK speaking of birthdays, today is Facebook’s anniversary. It’s kind of like birthday. Today Facebook turns 12. If you have one, share your Facebook page and make some new friends today.

SUN 05 ::  SUPERBOWL the greatest day of football in the US. How will you be celebrating?

MON 06 ::  LOOK UP what do you see?

TUE 07 :: ON THE BED are you allowed on the bed or is it forbidden? Perhaps you have your own, special bed. Give us a peek.

WED 08 :: EARS are they fluffy or short haired? Brown, black or tan? Short or curly?

THU 09 :: MANNERS do you try to practice your manners each day? You choose whether you share a photo of good manners or bad.

FRI 10 :: TAIL  We’ve seen your ears, now show us your tail. Will it be wagging or curled up under you while you are sleeping?

SAT 11 :: NATIONAL PET ADOPTION DAY Every year around 230,000 animals remain unclaimed in shelters around Australia.  That’s around 110,000 dogs and 120,000 cats that are left without a loving family to call their own. And, devastatingly, there’s around 100,000 animals that are PTS each year. Today, let’s remind everyone to #adoptnotshop

SUN 12 ::  DELICIOUS are you enjoying a tasty treat today? What is something that you find irresistibly delicious?

MON 13 ::  ME TIME the humans have possibly headed off to work today. How are you spending your ‘me time’ today?

TUE 14 :: VALENTINE’S DAY it’s the day of love. Share the feeling with those around you.

WED 15 :: HOW I FEEL for some people, Valentine’s Day is a tough day. Today, time some time check how you’re feeling. Make sure you’re feeling and if you notice someone around you feeling a bit sad, take time to make them feel a little better.

THU 16 :: THROW BACK it’s Thursday, after all. Give us a photo from this time last year.

FRI 17 :: KINDNESS today is Random Acts of Kindness Day. Never underestimate the power a hug, a smile, a kind word or a listening ear can bring. Be kind today and express this in your photo.

SAT 18 :: NIGHT it’s all happening in Melbourne for White Night. Light up the night with a photo of you from when the sun has gone down.

SUN 19 ::  IN MY WALKING BAG what are the essentials your human packs for walkies? We’d love to take a peak inside your walking bag.

MON 20 ::  LOVE YOUR PET  can you believe there is a special LOVE YOUR PET DAY? We think everyday is love your pet day, but we have extra special attention on this special day today. Share the love.

TUE 21 :: ZOOMIES go wild! Show us some speed!

WED 22 :: DOGA on World Yoga Day it’s time to get your zen on.

THU 23 :: BISCUIT who would have thought there is a Dog Biscuit Day? Well, today is it! Biscuits for everypawdy!

FRI 24 :: TEAL RIBBON DAY  teal is the international colour for ovarian cancer awareness. On Teal Ribbon Day, Wednesday 22 February 2017, people are encouraged to purchase and wear a Teal Ribbon to raise awareness of ovarian cancer; show your support for the women, and their families, who are living with the disease; and to remember those who have died.

SAT 25 :: THIS MORNING how did you start your day this morning?

SUN 26 ::  DENIM get your denim on for Levi Stauss Day. Do you dare to wear double denim?

MON 27 ::  STRAWBERRY oh, it’s Strawberry Day! We just already the cute pictures we’ll be seeing!

TUE 28 :: MARDI GRAS we’re celebrating LGBTQ #loveislove Be shiny, be sparkly, be spectacular and celebrate love.


How to play #DDUpawtographaday

Simply follow the daily prompt to inspire your pawtograph of the day. Snap a pawtograph of your dog with the daily theme and share your photo with the community on:


  • Upload the pawtograph to Instragram and create a caption for your pawtograph. You might like to include the day and the theme in your caption {for example 28 | Mardi Gras}, or not – it’s entirely up to you!
  • post your photo using #DDUpawtographaday – if you don’t use the hashtag we won’t see your pawtograph
  • Publish your pawtograph

Once you’ve published your pawtograph, be sure to like and comment on other pawtographs from the community. You may even find some new favourite accounts to follow.


Exactly as you would for Instagram (above) with the bonus of being able to post to our Facebook Group!

Request to join the Group here. We’ll make sure you’re added to the community super-quick so you can start sharing your pawtographs with us.

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