Is there anything better than a brand new squeaky toy? The thrill of the hunt, finding that squeaker and removing it from the toy is the BEST! But, if your house is anything like ours, the humans aren’t always so keen on the hunt and destroy of the squeaker. That’s why they’re totally in love with the new Gigwi push to mute dog toys. Yes – we said PUSH TO MUTE!

The Gigiwi dog toys are pawfect for when the humans get that little bit (or very much) over the incessant squeaking of the toys. A simple push of the button will mute the toy until the humans have enjoyed some peace and quiet for a while. When all is calm, release the button and the toy will be squeaking again to your heart’s delight.

One toy, twice the fun!

We’ve got a bunch of Gigwi push-to-mute dog toys to giveaway. Tell us what you do to drive your humans to the point of wanting to mute you! ?

Up to eight winners will be chosen between 10 – 18 January, 2017. Winners will be announced on this blog post and via newsletter. Any prizes that remain unclaimed by 25 January, 2017 will be redrawn.

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  1. Little Snooker is normally a very quiet dog which is surprising for a dachshund….however she loves getting up at 6am and barking until we get up and let her get in bed for morning cuddles.

  2. Miki is a very funny dachshund and loves playing all the time. Each time her ball or toy goes under the sofa, she sits down in front of me, stares at me and keeps on grunting and making strange noises until I finally decide to pick up the toy for her…and sometimes she loves putting the ball under the sofa on purpose…so it goes on and on again

  3. We (Maluka and Avalon) are very good doxies and hardly ever annoy mum and dad. But occasionally when dads watching TV he says we’re too noisy. These toys will mean he can watch TV and we can still play yay!

  4. Our mini Dixie Maya has decided that she can’t be left alone without barking her shrill little bark and ringing her bells–not even for the 2 minutes it takes mommy to go to the bathroom! She is such a mommy’s girl and ALWAYS has to be by my side!

  5. Eddie, our sausage, loves to loudly bark at dogs he actually wants to play in the park! He runs up, barges them and barks in their face so that they will chase him! He loves it! We find it so hard having to explain to everyone that Eddie is actually being friendly and sociable, and are told he is a bossy, domineering Dachshund! Naughty Ed, if only he knew that his acoustics in the park were being interpreted all wrong!

  6. My humans can’t even potty in peace without me coming in the bathroom with my squeaker and nudging their legs nonstop until they play with me!! I am determined to squeak the toy to it’s death! Love, Chip

  7. My boys Ludwig and Wilhelm LOVE a squeaky toy! Ludwig will not tear out a squeaker as much as he will wear one out. His favorite thing to do is wait until we are watching TV or laying in bed and he will grab the loudest toy his has and squeak it repeatedly, it’s just his little way of making sure we remember he’s there and that he wants to play. And now he is teaching his brother the same trick! Having a toy that be muted would be fantastic!!

  8. My name is scooter and I love to cry and whine until my humans throw my toys for me. I play with my toys constantly so my humans never get to relax. I am toy driven rather than being food driven, my toys are my life.

  9. Scout and Chipper absolutely live to squeak a toy. It’s an art to them. They won’t settle for a nice, deep, calming noise maker, but insist on waiting until sleepy time to find the most durable squeaker with the most shrill squeak and express their weiner dog pride with a continuous melody of squeaking. It goes on and on. Two things my dachshunds are known for: zeal and perseverance! ❤❤

  10. My mini dachshund Waylon is very playful, but sweet and loving. He loves to nap on mommys lap but when I’m trying to watch tv he always wants to play with his toys. It seems like he does it on purpose sometimes. He also loves to throw his town in a crack we have between the couch and window and barks at me until I get it for him. He then continues to do it as if it is a game for him. We love our baby boy and wouldn’t trade his rotten ways for anything. Having this toy would be amazing because then Waylon and mommy wouldn’t get yelled at my daddy anymore for being to loud while he is trying to watch tv.

  11. Miss Rosie is the leader of the neighborhood watch team. (She’s also the only member.) From her lookout perch she can see across to the next block, and she lets me know about every man, woman, child, dog, cat, bike, car, raccoon, skunk, bunny rabbit, mouse, beetle, worm, ant, or even the ghost of any of those that pass within her view. At least I assume it’s one of those smaller things or a ghost when it appears she’s barking at absolutely nothing! That’s when I wish Rosie had a mute button!

  12. Tilda is a total sweetheart until she crosses eyes with Koosje, her feline housemate. Tilda LOVES Koosje, but sadly for her the love is not mutual. When we first had Tilda, Koosje would hiss at her when she would get to close or even scratch her nose. These days however (3 years later), Tilda has found a new way to ‘play’ with Koosje. When Koosje is sitting on the couch or under the dinner table, Tilda bends her body into a snake-like form and then starts to bark at Koosje. Not a loud bark, but a playful bark. Funny to us humans at first, but after 10 minutes of playful barking we are just as annoyed as Koosje is! We would love to distract Tilda from her barking and give Koosje a break by introducing her to a Gigiwi dog toy!

  13. Mission: Squeak until it can no longer squeak.
    Chipolata takes his toys for walks…. yep walking & squeaking, drop it for a sniff then back to squeak walking. Very confusing for cycylists! Haha

  14. Our dachshund Maya is usually quiet–until she hears or sees a dog on the TV. Then she erupts into an earsplitting howl.

  15. Dieter and Helmet will squeak a toy until their jaws are tired, and that is a really long time. Pieper enjoys de-squeaking a toy as fast as she can, spits it out, always where I can set on chewed plastic bit.
    Then there is Axle, he squeaks for about 5 min, and done.
    This all can happen when a good drama is just starting on TV. ??

  16. Our two pups Brian and Florence love squeaking their toys, they especially love to squeak their toys to rile each other up when rough housing. Don’t think I’ve ever heard a squeak toy get squeaked at such a fast and LOUD rate.
    Although they’re pups and still learning their manners, they do need to learn that not everyone wants to be up at 4am listening to squeaking. 🙂

  17. My little Honey Bun is obsessed with a Giant Squeeking Crocodile which is the same size as her! She can quite be heard “wrangling” this Crocodile in true Steve Irwin form from the other side of the house! While definitely amusing to watch I think the sound probably drives the neighbours insane – especially when she wrangles it late at night and I have to run to its rescue and put it out of reach!

    We would love to try these Push to Mute toys, having one might save a Crocodiles Life! 🙂

  18. I’m a very good boy. I like laying outside in the sun and having a nap. I am very quiet, except for when I hear my neighbour over the fence. Then I can’t help but bark at her. I want her to know that I’m here so she will be my friend! So I bark and I woof and I howl and I refuse to stop, even when my Mummy and Daddy ask me to be quiet. I stamp my paws and I whimper, and the neighbour still won’t be my friend! Mummy and Daddy say that it’s because I sound scary when I talk to her, but I’m just trying to be friendly! Maybe if I had a Gigiwi toy to be my friend I wouldn’t need to yell at the neighbour so much.

  19. Alberta Dreseler / January 11, 2017 at 10:34 pm /Reply

    My name is Dexter and My name is Poppy.
    We love to bark when there is someone at the door as it helps Mum & Dad know and they don’t need a door bell. We like to bark when no one is there as we can still smell the person that walked past 2hours ago. We just want Mum & dad to know they were there.
    And we absolutely love barking at the other dogs when we are walking , we are prot crying Mum, Dad and our Human Brother as we are Warriors and protectors!!
    It does drive Mum & Dad bonkers when the dogs are 10x our size ?

  20. Gypsy absolutely LOVES to wait until we are winding down for the evening to grab a toy and bring it to us. It starts out sweet, but if we don’t respond, she’ll keep bringing them and setting them on us. She’ll even set them on our faces! And then look at us with those sweet eyes and wag her tail. She’s not super destructive but I’m confident she’d love a toy like this!

  21. Baxter thinks it’s a GREAT time to lay next to me, I mean…RIGHT next to me on the sofa and squeak his toys…non stop. He really has great rhythm! We find ourselves muting the television often so that Baxter can get his “squeak time” out of his system. Sometimes a hounds just has to squeak, and sometimes no one wants to hear it! 🙂

  22. Michelle Hertel / January 12, 2017 at 8:23 pm /Reply

    Most of the time the weens are pretty well behaved until they hear something ( that no one else in the room can hear) and then it’s on! As tiny as Pixie is she has a very loud bark lol. And once she starts Jack and Sophia have to join in. Most of the time we have no idea what she heard that starts the barking and it can take a couple of minutes to get them all quieted down. But we love them no matter how much or how loud they bark ❤

  23. My mum says I am a very cheeky pupper. I love squeeking my toys, but my favourite thing to do is eat the “brains” out of allllllllllll the toys, sometimes I am lucky enough to get to the magical squeeker, sometimes I make it snow with all the brains I remove. This makes mum vaccuum, which i also love to bite, even though the sucky bit is bigger than me!!!! It’s really win-win for me.

    Love, Marlin

  24. My meagle, Max absolutely LOVES and ADORES squeaky toys, He likes to run around squeaking them and bring them to you acting like he wants to play or “Give it” for someone to throw, as you go to reach toward he runs off wanting you to chase him, He also likes to somehow put them in places that he cannot reach then cry for you to get them. He also gets on top of the couch and drops a toy on the floor then proceeds to do his adorable cry howl bark to get your attention hoping you’ll pick it up for him. It’s almost like a child throwing a tantrum but it’s really cute, and he does it out of playfulness

  25. Hi,
    My names Lucifer and I have just turned 2 years old last Christmas. I usually like to pester my humans by playing ball, all sorts of balls, tennis balls and soccer balls as long as it’s round, basket balls are probably my least favorite since they are so big. I like to bring it to my humans by rolling the ball with my nose. Sometimes, i get greedy though and prefer for them not to touch my ball, so after rolling it to them, i will quickly pick it back up once i see that they want my ball.
    I love my ball.

  26. My little frankie loves his big pig toy and will always go and find it when I’m trying to chill out and watch tv, he’ll sit in front of the telly, watching while pinking his pig.

  27. Olivia Gilewski / January 17, 2017 at 3:24 pm /Reply

    Hey all, our names are Mishka and Caesar. We love barking and howling at people passing by the house, ofcourse this drives our parents nuts so we do it all the time. We also enjoy super super ( 3am-5am) early mornings tapping our nails on the wooden floors, going round and round in circles till we find that perfect spot on the couch and then squeak, rip, chew our favorite noisy toys. We’re sure our parents would appreciate a little bit of peace and quiet in our household , but hey were dogs and we love being heard 😉

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