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Let’s talk about dog poop. There are over 4 million dogs in Australia, each producing up to 100kg of waste annually. That’s a whole lot of poop that is either left in places it shouldn’t be or collected in plastic bags and disposed of in rubbish bins.

We should all care about our environment. A healthy environment makes for a healthier planet and a healthier us. The little things we do each day can make such a difference, which is why this year we have chosen to compost our dog poop.

Why compost dog poop?

Uncollected dog poop is messy, smelly and unhygienic. Composting dog poop keeps your yard clean and provides a healthier environment for your family and pets.

Dog poop left in public areas such as parks, beaches, nature strips and footpaths is unsightly and pollutes our environment.  Rain washes uncollected waste down the drain resulting in the pollution of our waterways.

By collecting dog poop you are helping to reduce this negative impact on our environment.

How to compost dog poop

We have been researching this for a little while. While we often like to DIY, this was a project we wanted to have a good success rate with. We couldn’t bear the thought of going to a lot of effort and ending up with a stinking pile of poop that didn’t compost properly.  Ewww!

We decided on the EnsoPet kit, which contains everything needed to start composting the dog poop. The kit includes:

  • a very easy to assemble recycled plastic composter;
  • a 1kg bag of EnsoPet Starter (a whole lot of lovely little micro-organisms that accelerate the breakdown of the waste, eliminate smell and do other really good things to the poop and your soil);
  • a pair of tongs (handy for poop collection!); and
  • all the instructions you need.

Installing the EnsoPet composter was incredibly easy – as our Poppy installed it for us! That aside, the installation is so easy, even if you don’t have a Poppy around, you’ll enjoy this mini-project.

We’re feeling pretty good starting our new year by doing something good for the planet. Composting with the EnsoPet will reduce a significant volume of plastic bags and dog poop ending up in landfill, while at the same time returning carbon and nutrients to the soil. That’s something to feel good about!

EnsoPet have generously provided us with one complete EnsoPet Composting Starter Kit to give away. Share your  funniest poop story in the comments below and you could be our lucky winner.

Competition closes 11.59pm 18 January, 2017. Winner will be announced on 19 January, 2017 on this page at The prize pool totals one EnsoPet Starter Kit. If prize is unclaimed by 26 January, 2017 the prize will be forfeited and redrawn.

Dog Poop Composter - EnsoPet Kit

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  1. Let’s talk ?!!! Usually dogs poop in a pile….right? One day I walked in the yard and jumped! I thought I saw a snake! Upon inspection, it was one loooong poop! It was longer than my size 10 foot (TMI, but I have a picture to prove it!). The only conclusion that I can come to is that it was long because it came from a dachshund! #longdog

  2. When I was a child, we were travelling on holidays with my family , my father was driving and he casually said… did someone step in dog poo at that last stop. We all replied that we hadn’t , he asked us all to check our shoes , which we did and again all replied NO…. my father began to get quite cranky, because he believed he could smell dog poo.. he asked us to check our shoes again… By this stage he was getting quite cranky with us all so he pulled the car up on a pull off bay and demanded we all get out of the car for a shoe inspection!
    We lifted each foot as he inspected our shoes, us kids were in the clear, that left mum.. he checked her shoes, all clean! Rather agitated by this stage, he checked his own shoes and low and behold ~ it was HIS shoe which harboured the offending faeces and distinct odour. Us kids couldn’t contain our laughter as he shuffled us all back into the car!

  3. We were staying at my sisters house in the city with our dog over Christmas, and my sisters lazy partner thought he would ģet away with chucking our pooches poop over the fence and it would get cleaned up with the neighbours dogs. Well funnily enough a piece of poo went flying into the neighbours POOL, whilst he was in it.. my brother in law had a lot of explaining to do.

  4. We drove 10 hours down to SC over New Years and my husband stepped in ? TWICE! The first time we didn’t notice until we were already back on the highway and the car smelled so bad. We had to pull over! The second time was at a dog park we stopped at to give our mini Dixie a chance to stretch her legs.

  5. Lorraine Semrani / January 11, 2017 at 6:14 am /Reply

    I had a long hair Dachshund & a Jack Russel that I took outside late one night to toilet before bed. I hadn’t put hte lights on & on re-entering through the patio sliding door I saw something on the track. I thought some poop had stuck on the hairy one & fallen off when he went back in. So I turned on the light to pick it up & found a red belly black snake insted. I had to call the neighbours at midnight to remove it. It was a metre a half long & a lot of it was buried under the track. Give me poop any time.

  6. We just moved into our first house about 6 months ago, and having a backyard finally to run around and enjoy. I have learned you must PICK UP the poop, It is never fun to walk around barefoot and LOL step into a warm pile of stinky poo on a hot summer day.. and the constant reminder to watch your step!

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