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Loving your dog and photography seem to go hand in paw, right? Whilst we have always had an appreciation for the art of photography, it wasn’t until our household was filled to the brim with little paws that our interest in photography escalated. And even though we are working on our photography skills each day, there is no doubt that inviting a professional to photograph your loved ones is going to deliver the best results, by far.

But, for us, one of the biggest challenges was finding a photographer that has all the necessary skills and was able to offer beautiful and affordable photography. Then we discovered who offer a 30 minute photo session and 15 edited images (selected by you) to keep on USB for just $165.

So how did this package deliver on quality and experience?

Booking the photo session

Booking the session is as easy as going to the Calendar, selecting your city and choosing your preferred date and time. Easy.

Once you’ve booked, you’ll receive an email confirmation and just prior to the photo session you’ll also receive a reminder together with the contact details of the photographer.

Planning for your photo session

Do you want a theme for your session? Perhaps you have some props or a favourite outfit you’d like to wear. Plan ahead for your session to ensure that the time allocated for photography is not wasted trying to locate items, change clothes or rummage for props.

We selected a few items to wear to make our photos pop: a bandana, a collar flower and a neck warmer. By selecting these items we hoped to achieve looks that were varied and a little seasonal – the bandana gave a summery feel and the neck warmer, more of a wintery feel.

We grouped our items together and placed them in zip-lock bags so that on the day they were easy to locate in pairs and minimal time was wasted on ‘costume changes’.

The big day

We were unfamiliar with the location of our photo shoot, so we allowed plenty of time to travel to the destination. We also factored in some time for a quick walk to burn off extra energy and, time to cool down and relax afterwards.

Once we’d had our walk and rest, we took time to check out the location to look for any particular spots of interest. The photographer had done an outstanding job of booking a location that had lots of visual interest: a gazebo, big trees, waterside, feature bridge and park land. As we had arrived a little early, we watched a couple of other photo shoots to inspire us but this wasn’t necessary as our photographer had everything organised.

At the beginning of the appointment, our photographer Grace welcomed us warmly, ran through any specific requests we had and then we got straight into the photo shoot. We decided to rely on Grace’s expertise and let her direct us throughout the shoot. Grace found a variety of locations that worked well for us and made us feel relaxed. Despite initially being a bit nervous about our first professional photo shoot, we could not have enjoyed the session more!

Once the photo shoot finished, Grace explained when we could expect to receive our photos, then we headed home with our tails wagging!

After the photo shoot

Shortly after the photo shoot you’ll be asked to provide some feedback via a quick survey. We only had positive comments to make – our tails were still wagging from the experience.

But what about the photos, you’re asking? In less than one week we received a link to view the entire gallery of edited photos. We selected our 15 photos, which were then posted to us on a USB stick. Additional purchasing options are available: extra photos, the entire gallery, black and white.

Professional photography – yay or nay?

We genuinely enjoyed every aspect of our experience. The booking and communication process was seamless, the photographer took care to find a convenient location with a variety of points of interest and was friendly, experienced and professional. A contingency plan is also in place in case of bad weather.

The positive experience extended beyond the photo session and we were able to view our gallery of photos quickly and received them in the post promptly after making our final selection.

Overall, we had more fun that expected and the results of our session speak for themselves. We loved it!

My Family Photo are holding Bring Your Pet sessions in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. Book now by visiting and follow them on Facebook to stay up to date with special offers and sessions.

Have you had a professional photography session? Did you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed ours?


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