We lust over those hot summer nights; sitting in the backyard, fighting off the mosquitos and trying to convince yourself that one more ice cream will not be extra calories because you’ve sweat so much through these 40 degree days.

And then your furry friend lifts his little paw onto your knee and gives you that look. You know the one; the big googly eyes, head tilted slightly to the right, as he licks his little snout in a way of “where’s mine?”.

If you haven’t yet heard, contrary to the old Oreos ad, dairy isn’t actually good for dogs. Dairy contains sugars that a dog’s body is just not made to break down, which can lead to all sorts of tummy troubles.

But have no fear! We’ve compiled a list of dog-friendly treats that’ll have your fur babies wagging their tails all summer long.

Cool dog treats for summer

Ice Blocks – Yep, some boring frozen water can actually be a delicious treat to cool your furry friend down on a hot summer’s day. Pop some water in ice cube trays, freeze, and give to your fur babies to munch on.

Broth Pops – Fill a slow cooker with water, chicken necks, beef marrow bones, and some veggies (see our recipe here) and allow to cook for a few hours or until you begin to see a layer of fat up top – this is the good stuff. Allow to cool and place in disposable cups and freeze. Once frozen, pop them out of the cups and let your dog have a yummy, cool treat.

Hot Day Hamburgers – This is a great one if you have leftover burgers from a barbeque, just ensure there is no onion or garlic in them though. Either crumble up a leftover burger patty, or fry up some mincemeat in a frying pan, and add two cups of broth (see above). Place mixture into ice cube trays and freeze. Your doggy pal will thank you for the icy treat, and will love you even more for the meaty goodness!

Fruit – fresh, frozen or added to ice blocks, many dogs will enjoy a piece of fruit as much as you do. Remember to remove any seeds, stalks and inedible rinds before serving. Apples, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, rockmelon (cantaloupe), pineapple and watermelon are favourites in our house. Remember to steer clear of grapes and raisins. And, some citrus fruits may cause upset tummies.

Treats should be served in moderation, under supervision and form part of your dog’s overall daily calorie intake.

Don’t forget to tag us in photos of you and your furry friends enjoying summer treats together! #doxiesdownunder




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