Isn’t it just lovely to receive a hand-written card? Letter writing is almost a forgotten past-time with the convenience of low-cost, online greeting options available. So, we love that one of the customs of Christmas is to exchange cards and letters.

We treasure each card we receive and wanted to do something a little more special than store them away. This Christmas Card Keepsake took us less than 15 minutes to make. Best of all, most of the supplies we had around the house. We think it’s a weenerful way to treasure our Christmas card memories.

Let’s get started!

Christmas Card Keepsake


  • cardboard – 2 pieces or enough to create a front and back cover for your keepsake
  • supplies of choice to decorate the cover – we used ribbon, numbers and a teeny, tiny Christmas card
  • ring binder (available from stationery stores, we purchased ours from Spotlight)
  • hole punch
  • pen
  • scissors
  • ruler


  1. Assemble all your Christmas cards in size order and hole punch in the top corner. Try to keep the hole in each card in a similar location so the top of all cards line up nicely.
  2. Select the tallest and widest card and set the rest aside.
  3. Using the tallest and widest card for sizing draw cutting lines on the reverse side of the cardboard. Cut two pieces of cardboard in the required size. These will form the front and back covers.
  4. Decorate the front cover using your own creative flair. We added numbers for the year and used the cutest little card from Buddy to embellish the cover.
  5. Assemble the cards again and thread through the ring binder, adding the front and back covers.
  6. We added a ribbon to keep the booklet compact and tidy. (A post-Christmas bargain buy at $0.50 for the spool!)

We think we will hang our Christmas Card Keepsake on the mantle next Christmas! ?

Christmas Card Keepsake

Thank you to all that posted us a card this year! Can you spot yours on our mantle? If not, don’t despair – we’re still receiving cards in the post each day, even though it is January.


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