Dining out with your doggy friend is one of those cool perks of being a pet owner, and even though we’d happily share our tableware with our furry family members (don’t give me that look, I know you’ve done it too!), there’s certain etiquette when it comes to eating out.

Most cafes are becoming increasingly adaptable to outdoor dining that allows dogs, but here’s a few little tips to make sure your pups (ahem, you) are welcome back.

Make Sure They’re On A Leash

As well-behaved as your dog may be, make sure they’re leashed at all times while dining out, and kept out of the way of other patrons and servers. Also, unless you want to be wearing your food, tie the leash to your chair not the table. One tug from pup and the table will go – trust me, this is one from experience!

Ensure They Have A Full Belly

You know that moment in the restaurant where the waiter is bringing out food and just keeps missing your table? You become agitated, watching people eat as drool begins to drop from your mouth… Only me? Oops! Well anyway, imagine watching others eat while you starve. Feed your furry friend before heading out to dine.

Tire Them Out Before Your Outing

A bouncy dog will only make your experience and other’s around you an unenjoyable one. Time your meal just after a big walk or run with your dog so they are calm at the café, and not trying to take off with the table (see point above!).

Always Come Prepared For Boredom

Just like a human parent will bring out a huge bag of ‘distractions’ for their toddlers, you almost need to do the same for your fur baby… just maybe not as extreme. Don’t assume because a café allows pets that they will have a water bowl, bring your own portable one just in case. We also suggest some treats to reward good behaviour, and a quiet toy (the kind that doesn’t make any noise).

Do you have any etiquette tips for when dining with your pooch?  Or perhaps a favourite dog-friendly cafe? Share your local knowledge and tips in the comments below!

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  1. Valerie Palangas / January 20, 2017 at 9:39 am /Reply

    We have a cafe with an outside area so we take both our dachshund and our poodle when we go for a coffee, lots of the other patrons remake on how well behaved they are, which of course they are. We also take a few treats in case they get a bit bored.
    we also meet another doggie there occasionally. It is so nice to be able to take our doggies with us.

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